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Things To Do On O'ahu

From: Hawaiian Joe
Re: The Big Island Of Hawai'i

Visit O'ahu's Neighbor Islands

For the most part, O’ahu has usually been Hawaii’s first stop when visiting the islands. This is due to Honolulu International Airport being on the Island of O’ahu. However, it’s a short hop from Honolulu International to any of the other neighboring islands, and it’s not unusual for O’ahu to be the jumping point by Hawaiian Airlines or another carrier. Each of the other neighboring islands maintains its own unique character and geographical features.

HAWAI’I, The Big Island, twice the size of all the other islands combined, is dominated by an active volcano, which has been erupting continuously since 1983. The Big Island continues to grow and has given shape to another submerged volcano off its coast.

KAUA’I, at the northernmost tip of the major Hawaiian Islands, is a place where you can do nothing or everything. It’s an island waiting to be discovered.

LANA’I, just a breath away from Maui, is as beautiful as it is diverse. Stunning beaches, elegant hotels, challenging golf courses, and lush scenery rule the day.

MAUI is a world-class visitor destination where raw beauty has been combined with all the right stuff to achieve the ultimate visitor experience.

MOLOKA’I, known as the Hawaiian of the islands, is only 10 miles wide and 38 miles long, a place where people go to escape the mundane and leave the crowds behind.

In addition to direct service to outer islands from the Mainland, inter-island airlines provide daily shuttle service between the islands. Some fixed wing companies offer neighbor island tours and fly-drive packages are available.


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