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Aloha Friends,

My friend and colleague Bob Bly is one of the most experienced – and successful – copywriters I know.

In fact, McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly “America’s top copywriter.”

On a recent visit to Bob’s Web site, I was blown away by all the valuable content ... but unfortunately, the material I thought would be most useful to you had a hefty price tag on it.

To make a long story short, I twisted Bob’s arm – and he has agreed to give away, to my readers only, 4 of his Special Reports absolutely FREE!

For a limited time only, Bob has agreed to send you, at no cost:

  • How To Make $100,000 A Year
    Selling Simple Information Online In Your Spare Time
  • Recession-Proof Business Strategies
  • How to Double Your Response Rates at Half the Cost
  • Online Marketing That Works

Each report has a list price of $29 and is about 50 pages of content; total value of this package of reports is $116.

But for as long as I can keep Bob's arm twisted, you will be able to get all 4 reports FREE when you click on the link below now:


Simply provide Bob your email address at the bottom of the page and he will send you the links for the Special Reports absolutely FREE,


Hawaiian Joe

P.S. You will also get a free subscription to Bob Bly’s monthly e-zine, The Direct Response Letter.

There are way too many marketing e-zines published today. But Bob’s is one of a handful actually worth reading.

And now, it’s yours free. Just click below to start your subscription:


There’s no cost. And you may cancel without penalty at any time.

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